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Hello! My Name is Braelyn Cunningham. I am the proud owner of ImaJewel. I started making making jewelry when I was 13, in the summer of 2021. At the time we all were in a global pandemic, if you are like me I always had to keep busy. Because we had plenty of time on our hands people started getting very creative of way to pass the time while building a business.


I remember seeing these people making a living doing something that they love, and thinking, I could do this! Since then making jewelry and crafts has been second nature, making one of a kind creations has been so rewarding and fun! The name ImaJewel comes from my Great grandmother, her first name was Ima and her last name was Jewel. She died many years ago, but I believe that she would love this. Thank you so much for shopping with us! I hope you enjoy your shopping and find something that expresses your creativity! 

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