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Handmade Unique Pieces 

Every item is totally handmade with care. Each creation is one of a kind! Thank you so much for choosing ImaJewel! 

The Palm Leaf Dangle's

Our Palm leaf dangle earrings are one of our most popular sellers. The leaf is a Monstera plant, beautiful and one of a kind! Since ImaJewel is originated in Florida, it only fits that our best seller is the Palm leaf earrings. They are so perfect for a beach day or even for a beach party. Even though our best seller is the green palm leafs they come in so many different colors! Even clear with gold, silver or copper flakes! We also have leaf studs! 


How is it made

Resin is an industrial sealant sometimes used for tables and furniture. Over the years as resin became more known something called crystal jewelry resin was created. You start with two parts the resin and then the activator! Once these two are put together the drying and hardening process starts! You can add your coloring and glitter and poor it into silicone molds! After 24 hours its dry! And you can finish your creation. 

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